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Prizes and distinctions

  • Honorable mention - International Urban Design Contest2008 Quito Biennale
  • Brownie Award 2008 - Best overall project Canadian Urban Institute
  • Prix pour le meilleur projet d'aménagement - Place des designers québécois 2008 IFA's 9th Global Conference on Ageing
  • Grand prix d'excellence en transport 2008 - Prix Transport collectif AQTR
  • Urban Leadership Award 2008 - Urban Renewal Canadian Urban Institute


The Quartier international (QIM) is a unique urban development and revitalization project designed to enhance the city’s public domain. As such, it is a model of leading expertise in urban design, crowd and traffic flow, signage, landscaping and industrial design. By integrating the use of elements such as water, lighting, art and advanced technology, the QIM team and its professionals were able to create a truly contemporary district. Both welcoming and gracious, the Quartier is a most fitting stage for international activities.

The main interventions inside the QIM were: the covering the Ville-Marie expressway, in collaboration with Palais des congrès de Montréal and the CDP Capital Centre; the creation of Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle, a new public square in the heart of downtown featuring the unique bronze sculpture-fountain entitled La Joute (The Joust) by Riopelle; the redevelopment of Square Victoria to restore it to its original grandeur, enhanced by an array of 29 fountains; the design of an official gateway to Montréal with the construction of a colonnade of pillars on University Street , on the street's central median, encasing a stylized representation of the colors of the flags of world, accentuated by dramatic lighting and new trees.

In addition to these more noticeable interventions, the QIM project other major interventions were undertaken, including the complete overhaul of roads and sidewalks on Saint-Antoine Street, Saint-Jacques Street and Viger Avenue; the the widening of sidewalks; the planting of mature trees; the insallation of an exclusive line of urban furniture and the consolidation of Montréal's indoor pedestrian network (RÉSO) with the addition of more than 33 kilometres serving the entire business district.

For more information regarding the main interventions described above, please consult the detailed intervention pages, accessible through the navigation menu on the left.

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