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Prizes and distinctions

  • Prix pour le meilleur projet d'aménagement - Place des designers québécois 2008 IFA's 9th Global Conference on Ageing



McGill Street is a strategic link between Old Montréal, the Old Port, the Lachine Canal, the Multimedia City, the Faubourg des Récollets and the Quartier international de Montréal. It was the natural common thread that could reconnect these once disparate zones and make them more complementary.

The City of Montréal, aware of this potential, decided to mandate the QIM team to redevelop McGill Street. The project, extending from Square Victoria down to the river, aimed to develop the undervalued assets of this important street and to create a prestigious axis of urban activity making the business and visitor experience more pleasant.

Based on the experience of the QIM project immediately adjacent to it, and taking into account the heritage and history of Old Montréal, the project is not only an extension of these two zones, but rather a transition area with its own personality.
The key project elements include:

  • The overhaul and retrofitting of sewers and aqueduct system
  • The integration of new services in anticipation of future development projects
  • The widening of sidewalks
  • The development of outdoor "terrace areas"

Creators of the project

Concept, architecture and urban design:
Daoust Lestage inc. – Architecture et design urbain

Civil engineering:

Traffic engineering:

Landowner Info

McGill Street Adjacent Landowner Association (ARMcGILL)

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